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Conversion Charts

The following conversion charts have been matched by hand. There are never exact matches, but we have chosen the best matches considering how they would look in the same design. A blank space means there is no suitable match. Please remember that monitors display colors differently. The best way to match threads is to have an actual thread chart for each brand. Now that I have the new RGB numbers, I will be finishing up the conversion charts. I will mark each one with the word *NEW* as I do them.

Now available in SewWhatPro and will be in the next build of Embird
BFC Poly Charts (right click "save as" or "save link as")
BFC Poly Color Chart *NEW*
BFC Poly RGB Chart
BFC Poly RGB Text File *NEW*
BFC Poly Thread Sets
Convert From BFC Poly Thread Convert To BFC Poly Thread
BFC Poly to Admelody Rayon
BFC Poly to Admelody Poly
BFC Poly to Isacord
BFC Poly to Madeira Rayon
BFC Poly to Madeira Poly Neon
BFC Poly to Marathon Rayon
BFC Poly to Marathon Poly
BFC Poly to RA Rayon
BFC Poly to RA Poly
BFC Poly to Sulky
Admelody Rayon to BFC Poly
Admelody Poly to BFC Poly
Isacord Poly to BFC Poly
Madeira Rayon to BFC Poly
Madeira Poly Neon to BFC Poly
Marathon Rayon to BFC Poly
Marathon Poly to BFC Poly
RA Rayon to BFC Poly
RA Poly to BFC Poly
Sulky to BFC Poly
NOTE to Admelody Users: Check at the bottom of the How to Order page for information on finding the colors you need.
©These charts are copyrighted by BFC Stash
They are for your personal use. They cannot be sold or shared. But we encourage you to give others the link so they can download their copy: Thank you!